San Michele in Teverina is located among some of the most beautiful and diverse gardens in Italy.

Renaissance gardens, with 2 major gardens, Villa Lante  in Bagnaia and Castello Farnese in Caprarola, which regularly host movies looking for the elegance of Renaissance palaces. Those gardens have created the “Italian garden style” which in turn created the “Jardin à la française” style. Water is present everywhere and those gardens are a haven of freshness in summer.

But we also have the Bomarzo garden, created in the 16th century too. Situated in a wooded valley bottom beneath the castle of Orsini, it is populated by grotesque sculptures and small buildings located among the natural vegetation. Its unique style, including bended houses, sirens or strange stone monsters makes it an exceptional visit.

On the other hand, the Moutan botanical garden, of peonies displays the rarest and largest collection of tree and herbaceous peonies in the world. Not to be missed between March and June in particular, when the peonies mix with the wisteria pergolas. Smelling the fragrance of those delicate flower is a unique experience.

Finally, the Ortensia festival at Bolsena early June allows to admire the town covered with blooming ortensia, from center to the lake in a festival of colors.


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