The wonders of Viterbo Countryside

Between historic villages and nature

A Renaissance castle in Viterbo Countryside

Tuscia, the Viterbo countryside, is one of the most beautiful and incredibly little known areas of central Italy. A territory that belonged to and lived even before the birth of Rome by the Etruscans, to which it still owes its name (Tuscia is a contraction of the Etruscan word). It was originally a much larger territory than it is today, and included Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. Now its definition circumscribes the territories of the province of Viterbo, north of Rome and at the gates of the Maremma.

Nature and art, splendid medieval and Renaissance villages together with the great lakes that reach the sea of Tarquinia, this too a name that recalls the ancient Etruscan tradition.

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Civita di Bagnoregio

The dying village, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy reached by a bridge and built on a tuff hill. A visit worth the effort.

Bolsena Lake

A body of water of volcanic origin that finds its space in the hills of Tuscia.


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A small pearl that dominates the valley, rich in art and tradition. Like its Duomo or the famous San Patrizio well. A few kilometers from our Castle of San Michele.


The largest medieval historic center in Europe and the whole world. It has very ancient origins, so much so that the name derives from the Latin to mean “Old Town”. To visit the Palace of the Popes.

The Sacro Bosco

Built in the mid 1500s and also called the Monster Garden, it is one of the most incredible places in Italy. Made by the architect Pirro Ligorio for the Orsini family.

Terme Dei Papi

Twelve kilometers of fracture of the earth’s crust from which spontaneously emerge, driven by the force of sulfurous and carbonaceous gases, many waters mainly hyperthermic (40° -58 °C) and rich in sulfur salts and calcium bicarbonate, magnesium and others .

Via Francigena

A path that is pure history, that of the ancient Via Francigena which led on a pilgrimage from north-western Europe to Rome and then to Puglia.


One of the most enchanting medieval villages in the world which also houses the greatest artistic testimony of the ancient Etruscans.


It is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscia (ancient southern Etruria) that can be enjoyed from the medieval walls of Tuscania, an art city in the province of Viterbo, surrounded by a gentle and unspoiled countryside, largely protected as a natural reserve.


The town of Caprarola stands out on the south-eastern side of the Cimini Mountains and is dominated by the imposing palace-fortress, built in the fifteenth century by the powerful Farnese family, precisely the Palazzo Farnese.

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Dedicated housekeeper

If you need to relax and fully enjoy the experience of the castle of San Michele and Tuscia, our Hotel offers you a dedicated housekeeper for your every need.

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