A very active program which enabled you to visit 3 regions of Italy, over 3 days, through 3 trek routes.

The first trek route started directly from the door of the Castle, an incredible hike in the Calanche teverine towards Civita di Bagnoregio, a jewel of Tuscia, Lazio. It was an airy trail to reach the plateau, then down the valley towards Civita with a stop to view the Catedrale canyon. A great lunch at Civita di Bagnoregio typical “Umbricchelli at Pane e Lavanda” and back home after this 7km hike,  for a wine tasting with “Giuseppe Mottura” to discover his high quality Bio wine.

The second trek route took to Pitigliano, in Tuscany, in the Vie Cave built by the Etruscans, over a 9km hike. The very well marked trek leads us to 6 vie Cave, carved in the rock, very impressive in the woods. We finished in Pitigliano, to visit the Orsini castle, the pleasant streets and the delicate food and Tuscany wine in the tower of Angiolina. Back to the castle, a good rest in the fresh pool and the garden.

Last day was dedicated to Umbria region, at the Oasi of Alviano, managed by WWF. We could discover over 7km of an easy hike the marshy land created by the Tiber river. Many species of birds, flamingoes, herons but also tortoises inhabit the lake, migrating in summer and in winter from Scandinavia to the Sahel. The WWF staff is always very helpful and shared their engagement to preserve the environment.. Back to the castle, we enjoyed a lunch prepared by Giorgina, made of local products : the savoury chicken was accompanied by so many fresh vegetable, the cake was excellent and the coffee so Italian!

A great week-end to celebrate the magical and undiscovered atmosphere of Italy

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