Many are intrigued about the Etruscans: their origins, their language are still to be studied. Tuscia is the
land of the Etruscans (“Tusci”) and can boast marvellous remains of this civilization.
While a number of Etruscan tombs were found on the estate of the castle, the most interesting sites are
close by.
Tarquinia tombs and museum gather the most beautiful set of Etruscan paintings, featuring superb
banquets (where men AND women were invited, which grandly shocked the Romans) as well as scenes
of sport competitions and daily activities (in the fields or on sea). Take advantage of your drive to
Tarquinia to enjoy seafood and a swim in the beach of the Tarquini lido.
Orvieto presents a unique Etruscan temple (Tempio del Belvedere), very original tombs in the Necropoli
or the Crucifisso, in the shape of small houses covered with grass, and an interesting Etruscan museum
in front of the famous Cathedral. Enjoy the ice cream bar nearby!

You can also walk in the Necropole of Castel d’Asso, located in the woods close to Viterbo. After the
walk, take a nice rest in the Terme dei Papi, discovered by the Etruscans (ruins in the garden!), and now
one of the most pleasant thermal baths in central Italy.
A little further on, in Pitigliano, you can discover the “vie cave”, narrow passages through the woods
carved by the Etruscans during their war with Rome. The hike range from 1 to 8 km, with a rewarding
lunch in the Medieval Pitigliano.
Finally, on your way to the Rome airport, stop at Cerveteri, the most massive complex of Etruscan
mount-shaped tombs, set into a wonderful scenery of Roman Pines, and enjoy the history of the setting.

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