San Michele in Teverina is surrounded by magnificent villages hidden Tuscia.
Civita di Bagnoregio, on the Unesco candidate list, is close by, on a cliff, at the very end of the pretty
village of Bagnoregio. After climbing the very steep bridge, enjoy the unique atmosphere of this solitary
village. On the way back, stop at Bagnoregio : a coffee at the Belevere, fresh pasta to bring home, or
diner at the Bocconcino. Civita is accessible in treck from the Castle.
Bolsena, on the shore of the Bolsena lake, the deepest vulcanic lake in Europe, is a medieval village of
great beauty : ancient village with its Middle-Age castle, its episcopal palace, but also its Etruscan and
Roman ruins, stroll along the lake, among flowering hydrangea, with its lake fish restaurants, and
important christian center (miracle of the Host and tomb/catacombe of Saint Christine)

We love Tuscania, a small town of the 12 th century surrounded by walls and towers in golden stone, with
its pure roman churches, its maze of streets and its hidden small restaurants. It is a necessary stop on
the way to Tarquinia, another walled city, with its palaces and gorgeous Etruscan frescoes.
Finally, alon the Tiber, Orte and Mugnano are both situated on the top of rocky peaks, with their castles
and churches overlooking the valley .

Tour dei Borghi nascosti:, Tuscania, Tarquinia, Mugnano e Orte

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